YOUR Business Acquisition Consulting for Gyms, Seafood and Maritime in Wilmington, NC

As a Business Consultant, I help buyers with the business purchasing process in Wilmington North Carolina.  Shipping, Commercial Fishing and distribution, anything maritime or even a Gym and Fitness Center, Wilmington offers them and many more. Contact ProBiz if you are looking for a Wilmington business acquisition consultant to represent your interests.

At Pro Biz we always use a simple flat fee, reasonable to help buyers.

Many Buyers ask me for related services, probably because they failed to find anybody who would reasonably and professionally represent them.

Professionally, I have devoted 30 years to helping people on the Seller Side, to list and sell their business. After assisting more than two thousand such buyers and, in all modesty personally selling over One Hundred businesses sales, I hope you would agree that I was a successful business broker.  Now, I am providing consulting services primarily to buyers, someone like you. I will help you with the process of finding and  purchasing a business.

In Wilmington, NC, examples of business clients include a Large Sports Complex and Gym, Restaurants, Retail Stores, Landscaping, Construction related, Beach Property Rentals, Retail Store and a Publisher. Helping these specifically, many are businesses you may have even visited, I can help you also.

I am Your Buyer’s Rep and Expert in Helping Buyers in Wilmington, NC?

To define the term a Business Broker is engaged on a listing with a Seller.  He does not work for you, the Buyer. Like Beach Property Sales Rep, he works on a success commission. That means it is his incentive as well as his fiduciary responsibility to the Business Owner and not to you, the Buyer. Simply, his commission and his success, are not on the same page. Commission is not a bad way to sell businesses, it makes sense. But if you wee buying a home would you go unrepresented?

If you live in the Wilmington area of North Carolina, or Jacksonville, TopSail Island, North Myrtle Beach or in that vicinity and are looking to acquire a business, this article is for you!

There are many fine opportunities to become your own boss. Own your own small to medium sized business.

And I can help.

NO, I am not a Selling or Listing broker.  I am a Buyer’s Representative and I will help you with the problems built into business brokerage sites and navigating …. The Process.

The Problems with Business Brokerage Sites and How I can Help.

The system is designed to capture you, the same as a Car Dealership.  That’s not a bad thing, it’s just the process.  Most Business Owner’s at some point want to sell their business.  It might be for retirement, health, or some other change.  They usually hook up with a Business Broker or Brokerage firm specializing in the sale of small businesses. Several of these are Big National Chains and franchises, Sunbelt, Transworld, VR Business Brokers. Maybe SRS Solutions, Cornerstone Advisory Partners- Business have placed a listed ad that arrests your attention?

A Buyer’s Rep.

A Buyer’s Representative works on your behalf. He helps you get to the top of the food chain, gets you respect if you are truly a serious buyer, and most importantly, gets you timelier and more helpful and accurate information before making a decision.

Navigating …. The Process

I have many helpful articles here on navigating the process. Each one explores different aspects, because there are quite a few and it can become overwhelming. 

Here are a few main points the Selling Broker does not share that you NEED TO KNOW UPFRONT.  (1.) He wants an NDA signed immediately.  That is standard, but if you are wise enough to engage yourself a Consultant, a Buyer’s Representative, once you sign it, you usually can’t get him to co-broker.  You are CAPTURED!

Why is This Important?

Well, because of the Consultant’s fee.  You pay a Retainer to the Buyer’s Representative for my services. And my services almost always save you $10,000 to $15,000!  More importantly, my services keep you from stepping on a landmine.  What you don’t know can cost you dearly! Don’t go it alone unless you have done this a few times like I have.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the Selling broker, who makes perhaps a Ten Percent Commission at Closing participates (potentially) in any of your addition Consulting fees down the road, once the Retainer is used up?  Oh, and by the way, the Retainer is not a huge 10% like on the Seller side, not even in that ballpark.  And as I said, over and above the actual upfront Retainer, I’m usually saving you $10,000 – $15,000 or more.  It pays you to have us help you – no promises, but it can be several times over these numbers in select cases.  (Each case is different.)

What Else, Lou?

(2.) Here is a Biggie no one else is telling you.  Call it Pro Biz’s Secret Sauce.  The secret to every successfully closed sale and that’s after weeks and months sometimes of prospecting, due diligence, and CPA fees is FUNDING!  Finance makes or breaks every deal.  What’s the Big Secret the Seller side will never mention? Well, in addition to the loan qualifying process, (which is onerous enough) assuming SBA or bank financing, the Secret is…. A Certified Business Appraisal.

A Certified Business Appraisal

 A Certified Business Appraisal puts you in the Driver’s Seat.

Without one, in the price and terms negotiation, you will be a sitting duck. They will push the pricing and you will be hard-pressed to push back.  Why? Because they hold all the cards!  They have the only numbers and they parcel them out like they are covid-19 vaccination shots. And when you do get them, maybe you can read them, more likely you bring in your Accountant or CPA.  And, all that happens is the Seller, the person you are buying his business from and who you want as a friendly relationship gets mad at YOU!  It becomes ‘Them” against “YOU”.  This is terrible and completely avoidable by reasonable persons: if you utilize the Secret – a third party, unbiased Certified Business Appraisal.  With this in hand, with me as your Consultant, no one gets mad at you.  Rather you get respect.  You show authority and are not deserving to be treated as a rank amateur to be pushed around by the other side of the table.  With Pro Biz, you are viewed as a Pro!

A Certified Business Appraisal Can Be a Part of the Retainer, or You Can Wait Until Stage Two

I don’t like to talk about costs, because each case is unique but I do have a good article on that by Inc. on What an Appraisal Should Cost. (If you need one) It was published in 2004 and is a bit dated, but I have not raised my prices since then!

There are many more reasons to engage Pro Biz and myself as your Buyer’s Agent, Representative, Consultant and Evaluation Pro.  I hope this has been helpful!

The ProBiz Consultative Approach

This is most important to know: My Firm ProBiz Consulting, Appraisal and M&A Advisers, INC. we are One Hundred Percent (100%) Pro Business.

Pro Biz always takes the “Consultive Approach.”

If you are a business owner, you may wish help in “profit improvement’ before listing with a Selling Agent. A Pro Biz Certified Business Appraisal, or Business Eval., would be a service we provide that would pay for itself in the weeks ahead.  If you are waiting to become a small, medium or large business owner, it is only a matter of time before you become quite overwhelmed and will need guidance and tech support. Think of as having to skillfully cross a minefield.  The process of buying a business includes unknowns, there is uncertainty and just one misstep can upset the best deal. Wouldn’t it be a wiser option to seek advice from someone who has successfully navigated the process hundreds of times before.

This is no disrespect to Business Brokers, it’s just the other side of the coin. But as long as their earnings are based on commission, that means highest prices which benefit the Seller. When the sale price is maximized, regardless of whether it is a fair deal for the Buyer, you need representation. Therefore shouldn’t it be essential to have a Buyer’s Agent? Let Pro Biz be you Advocate when buying a business. We are committed to diligently work to protect your interests.