One of the ‘hottest’ business industries is the Solar Energy category. This category includes Manufacturing, Design Patents, Solar Farms, Distribution, Sales, and of course, where the rubber meets the road, Home, or Business Installation of Solar Panels. This is a Green Industry and Tax Credits are a major aspect.  It is also very ‘Politically Correct ‘and that will give it ‘legs’ into the next decade and longer perhaps. ProBiz Business Consulting is your solar energy installation business acquisition consultant in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.

If you are seriously looking to enter this exciting business model, the first thing you will discover is that there is ‘limited supply’ and ‘unlimited demand’.  That is a formula to die for in small, medium, and larger business acquisitions. If you want to buy a hair salon or a restaurant, thanks, to covid-19, there are many to choose from and the pricing will be in your favor. Just ask me! But the solar panel installation business is quite the opposite. Like the two preceding examples, you definitely need either a hands-on background or to hire experienced workers. That’s where the Solar Energy Installation Business Acquisition Consultant is most needed.

In our case, we have some personal expertise in the area. I became interested in “free” solar power decades ago as a teenager reading one of my father’s Popular Mechanics Magazines. While greatly dated by today’s standards, the fundamentals are unchanged. The feature article was about a man in Pennsylvania who obtained dozens of large glass windows from a deconstruction site and painted them black and used the sun’s radiation to heat his hunting cabin that had no utilities. Today’s solar panels are a bit of an improvement to glass pained black and leaned against a remote cabin. But what fascinated me was that it worked in the winter and all the snow reflected added to the heat or power generated. In 2017, as Hurricane season was escalating, I devised plans to build my own ‘Portable Solar Generator’ Now I could buy all my materials on Amazon and/or the Big Box Store. The point of this little diversion is not so much to demonstrate expertise and knowledge.  I am certainly no electrical engineer by training, but rather to share that “I speak the language.”

This is so rare as to be unique among Buyer’s Reps and Consultants that I would venture to say that I may be the only one.

Now, that being said, you will need someone with an electrical engineering background, because licensing is a roadblock for a new Buyer. If the target company is of appreciable size, they may have one or more on staff that will remain after the sale. If the Owner is the only one, you will need to retain him or at least his license for a transition period to be determined.

What is unique in this field is the working arrangement to the power company and possible tax credits. Unless you already have a connection, you will be relying on the company’s history and the hope of it transferring. These are examples of why you would be well advised to engage Pro Biz as your Solar Energy Installation Business Acquisition Consultant. As you read other articles on our web page, we talk about “What is the best way to approach acquiring a business” and a “Managing the process”. You may find the “Construction Company Business Acquisition” to be most profitable.

A Business Acquisition Consultant, also called a Buyer’s Rep. or Buyer’s Representative, is not a Selling Business Broker. We work for the Buyer. The Selling Broker works for the Seller and does not represent you or your interests primarily.

In addition to building my own little “Bill Gates Garage-Biz  Solar Start-up for Toolbox-sized Solar Generators”, in the recent past I have been engaged to appraise, i.e. do a business valuation of a Solar Farm Project, contracted as a Buyer’s Rep to help an Investor acquire an interest in a Solar Manufacturer and as a Buyer’s Rep to several Major Players regarding a $100 million-dollar Solar Installation company in California.

Big or small, the Green Industry is here and booming. Wind Generators, Rainwater Recycling and Solar Installations for Home and Business, ALL are Winners!