We help buyers with small, medium, and even Larger Businesses regarding the purchasing process in North Carolina. Let ProBiz be your Greenville Business Acquisition Consultant and represent your best interests when looking to purchase a business.

And, you will be happy to know, we charge a very reasonable flat fee to help buyers just like yourself.

Over 20 years, Buyers have often asked for this service. Perhaps there is nobody who would represent them.  But I do.

For 30 years, in Raleigh and Eastern Carolinas, I helped people sell their business. After assisting 2,555, (Plus or minus!) Business Buyers and personally selling over 110 businesses as a Senior Business Broker, first for Sunbelt, then Forming Pro Biz,  I am now providing outstanding consulting services to Buyers who are purchasing a business.

In Greenville, NC, and neighboring New Bern, NC, at last count I have specifically helped with such businesses such as an Asphalt Plant, Construction and Grading, A Chinese Restaurant, And Electric Wiring Contractor, A Classic Car Enthusiast, Home Builder, Landscaper and Gardener at the Tryon Palace

How Does A Buyer’s Rep Help Buyers in Greenville, NC?

A Business Broker works for the Seller.  He does not work for you. His fiduciary responsibility is to the Business Owner and he works on a success commission. The Bigger the success, the Bigger the commission. This would never happen in real estate, why should buyers go unrepresented?

Here’s how it works:

Buying a Well Establish and Profitable Electrical Contracting Business in Greenville, SC

One of the companies I bought into and helped grow is named Gutter Glove of North Carolina and we soon found ourselves in need of a trustworthy Electrical Contractor.

As we expanded into home Improvement, the licensed Electrical Contractor became a regular part of our team of highly skilled Independent Contractors.  As we took on a few Larger Commercial Projects, it became indispensable.

Seeing the valuable and essential service, we contemplated buying the company.  Looking at the books, it was very profitable. We decided not to buy it and over extend our management of other services, but I was impressed with it and can consult with you if this an area that you are experienced or want to be.

Good News! Pro Biz Consulting and Pro Biz M&A Advisers cover all of Greenville, NC and even Greenville, South Carolina by the way!  Yes, and neighboring New Bern, Jacksonville and all the way up the Coast to Nags Head and into Virginia.

We can help you find the business, the best choice or fit.   Or if you found one, we can help plot a steady course, lone far less frustrating!

Let Pro Biz Serve You as Your Buyer’s Consultant or Representative

The excitement of seeing a business advertised for sale and in a price range you can swing with your own savings, 401-k , Bank and/or SBA loan, and hopefully in a category that really lights your fire. But the steps can drag you down.  Your time invested to buy an established Electrical or other Residential or Commercial Engineering or Contracting company, can dwindle and die quickly if you are rebuffed, disrespected, ignored or turn-off when you attempt to make first contact.

You would think it would be easy!  They should be falling all over themselves to get your business.  But sadly, sometimes that is not the case.  They don’t know you or your interest level or your financial qualifications it it often seems as they are intent to eliminate you as quickly as possible.  That’s where we come in.

Services A-La Cart

 Let us help you determine if an advertised business opportunity is good for you, sort of a quick per-qualification.  This circumvents the Selling Broker’s predetermined bent to dismiss you as a serious person to be treated with respect.  After all, he gets so many spasms, so many emails that result is just a waste of his time, he can’t really be blamed.  So we help him with the approach. Get started on appositive, professional note.  We work on a simple Retainer and it pays for itself over and over, both in time and money (price and terms) as you proceed to your desired goal.

What Kind of a Business is Right for You? 

Maybe it isn’t Electrical Contracting, maybe it’s the complete opposite, a restaurant?  Have you always wanted to be a Restaurateur?  There are more available since Covid19 than there are Buyer’s.  Prices are all over the map. How will you get a handle on a good deal or taking over someone else’s problem?  As a Business Consultant, I have a lot of experienced with restaurants and food service franchises.  The advice can eliminate a total time waster, advertised as a diamond in the rough.  Or perhaps spot a diamond that you obtain for a hefty discounted price due factors we might see and point out in negotiations.

What Does It Cost to Have a Buyer’s Representative Be Your Expert Business Buyer Consultant on Your Side of the Fence?

Probably a lot less than you would think.  On the Seller’s side, the sales or success commission is often ten percent. Sometimes you can get them to cover much of your costs.

We start with a simple and modest Retainer.  This pays for our time and guarantees you that you have our full attention.  Beyond that, it just depends on how the transaction plays out and the services you need.  You may have a CPA and have that side covered.  Or, more likely you will need a third-party valuation.  If we do this, it is much more to your advantage then the opposing team who wants to jump and dump for the highest number for their client and their Ten Percent.

Is There a Guarantee?

No guarantee can be made that a deal will go through, of course, and that is why a Retainer is so much less costly than a sales commission to your side, The Buyer’s side.  But we can make you a promise. Here goes:

Our Promise

We will give you your money’s worth.  You will likely get more savings on the pricing of the business than Ten Times our Retainer fee.  That’s putting the Ten Percent back into YOUR column.  Again, no one can guarantee the success of the negotiations, your bank financing success, how you bond with the owner or employees, or how profitable it will be under new ownership. But “the odds will ever be in your favor” with us on your Team!

he answer is: whatever you need him t be!  You see, coming to “the thought becoming taking action” , the opportunities are now ABUNDANT!  However, for a first timer, it has a fair number of challenges.  If this is your first experience, I’d like t make it a positive one for you!

You Need A Consultant

A Consultant? That sounds like a lot of money.  No, not really. The Retainer is quoted Upfront and far less than the Layer, the CPA or the Selling broker may charge. Greenville, NC will reward your advance due diligence with a lot of price and term consideration.  The Selling Broker charges the Business Owner who lists with him for sale the equivalent of a real estate agent/broker commission. Except it is about double.  That means he has a terrific inventive to get his client, the business owner, the highest price.  Where does that leave you? I’ll tell you straight out.  It leaves you holding the stick.

What is the Best Solution?

You need an Advocate.  Someone experienced. Skilled in negotiation.  And one your team. Not there’s. Most people would have no clue where to look, but you have clicked on the right place.  Congratulations!  You are already 50% ahead of the game. And, it’s not that expensive!  In fact, you will likely save $10,000 to $20,000 OVER AND ABOVE the modest Retainer by engaging Buyer Side Assistance.

What Will You Do for Me?

Good Question, it depends on what you need.  Some clients I talk to have been down this road before. Maybe you tried to contact a Business broker and had a bad experience?

Maybe you were not treated respectfully?

Maybe you couldn’t even get him to return a phone call or reply to an email asking questions? 

They always take my calls.  You see it’s a Professional to Professional courtesy.  I know that sounds harsh, but understand where the high commission Selling Broker is coming from!  He gets a hundred spasm a week.  He is jaded by the Internet grind.  So, here’s how you break the Internet Paradigm.

The Internet Paradigm

Ah, the Worldwide web!  Such a blessing and such an annoying curse if you are on the wrong side of the dreaded “Internet Paradigm”.   The Internet lets any one with a finger to push a button to click on anything from MyPillow.com to Where to I report a UFO.  I’m in the business of wanting leads and contacts, folks to help too, I know!  The mass distribution of products and service is a two way street.  Bottom line? We got to take the God with the Bad.  And that is why you can’t break the Paradigm without pulling your hair out!  Want some help?  If you ae serious about a change, taking control, owning your own business?  Here’s a Trick of the Trade. 

Trade. Trick You Should Know

I know the work “trick” sounds odd, but it’s really just logical. The ProBiz smartest ‘Trick of the Trade”, is exactly the same is having a CPA doing your taxes.  Sure, you can do it yourself and many people should, if its simple. But as soon as it gets to the next level, and especially if you own or buy a business, you need an Accountant!

It works the same here, only its 10,000 times more important.  The process of engaging with a Selling Broker who is advertising an opportunity that you’d like to know more about is an uphill task and like Jack and Jill, getting there is not automatically guaranteed.  Get a bit of advice, get someone whose been there to help you, please.

How Can I help?

ProBiz Consultative Approach

Here at ProBiz Consulting, Appraisal and M&A Advisers, INC. Pro Biz always takes the “Consultive Approach.” We are Pro Business.

If you have found something, call me.  I’ll help.  If you are just starting to look, call me, I’ll help you refine your search and save you a ton of time.  If you started the process, invite me on your team and you will get twice as far in half the time. 

My role is the Business Consultant.  I help Buyers.  I do not list and sell businesses any more.  I retired form that to focus solely on helping Buyers, although Business Owners do consult with me on ‘profit improvement’, ‘preparing a business to sell’, and most importantly Certified Business Appraisals.  Do NOT buy a business with out a Certified, unbiased, third-party Business Appraisal.

If you are in Pitt County, North Carolina, of which Greenville is the county seat, anywhere in the Greenville, NC metropolitan area, you know this is rich area to be a business owner. This is North Carolina’s Tidewater and Coastal Hub. It is an educational hub, health hub, entertainment hub and building, construction, real estate development, commercial and residential provides GIGANTIC Opportunities for the smart buy  and acquisition of a Electrical Contracting company. Pitt County, YES! We go there!  All it takes is an email or text to get a return phone call.  Why are not turn the Paradigm to your advantage? We are the path less taken.  Directly to buying, owning and being in charge of your income and lifestyle!

I hope this helps you in your journey to Business ownership.   I have more articles here to help you. Best wishes!