I help buyers with the business purchasing process in Charlotte, North Carolina. Let ProBiz be your Charlotte business acquisition consultant looking out for your interests.

I charge a reasonable flat fee to help buyers.

Buyers like you kept asking me for this service since there was nobody who would represent them.

You see, I used to help people sell their business. After assisting 2,500 buyers and personally selling over 100 businesses as a successful business broker, I am now providing consulting services to buyers who are purchasing a business.

In Charlotte, NC, I have helped specifically with businesses such as  Small Manufacturing, Distribution, Construction, both Highway and Homebuilders, Franchised Tire Store, Lake Norman Dock and Marine Services, both Sandwich, Pizza and High-End Restaurant with Bar, Medical Office, Dental Office, Attorney Firm, Transportation and Airport Vending, to name a few.

How Does A Buyer’s Rep Help Buyers in Charlotte, NC?

A Business Broker works for the Seller.  He does not work for you. His fiduciary responsibility is to the Business Owner and he works on a success commission. The Bigger the success, the Bigger the commission. This would never happen in real estate, why should buyers go unrepresented?

Here’s how it works:

It begins with finding a business you like. 

  • It begins with finding a business you like. One that suits you.  One you can qualify for. One that cash flows! I’m a second set of eyes.
  • Often a Buyer will see an Ad and then, what?
  • Dealing with the Broker. I have an entire page devoted to this.
  • Requesting Information. Do you know what to ask for? Or if you are being sent a bunch of fluff? I’ll help you sort through this.
  • It’s not just about the numbers. There are at least 10 critical issues, such as “If it is so good, why is it for sale?”
  • The numbers are critically important. Does it cash flow? Can you trust the numbers you are shown? Is it priced fairly?
  • You benefit by having someone on your side.
  • Saving money. A Buyer’s Rep. will often save you a multiple of any fee you pay. In my experience, it is often 10 times the fee in savings you might not otherwise have achieved. (I have saved Buyer 50-100 times my fee in some cases).
  • Due Diligence. This is a true minefield. Most transactions die here. This is where you definitely need outside help. Someone who knows the ropes. I have been on both sides.
  • Dealing with CPAs, Lawyers, and other “deal killers.” It’s very important to have these professionals serving your best interests, but unless you are very careful, regardless of how good the deal is, they can do such a good job that it can kill a deal.
  • Financing, SBA, and Seller Notes. (I have an entire page on this also)
  • Paperwork and Closing. It’s enough to make your head spin. Again, I am here to support you and be your second set of eyes.

Let’s take a walk down Main Street and I’ll share some specific pointer you may glean benefit from.

How to Buy a Small Manufacturing or Distribution Business in Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte, The Queen City!

And Charlotte is called that for good reason.  What a great place to find a small to medium-sized manufacturing company. The opportunities for Distribution and Manufacturing may be the best in the state of North Carolina. Many such companies are also tucked away in nearby, Concord, Huntersville, and Salisbury, Gastonia, and over in Rock Hill on the South Carolina Border. Matthews and Mooresville are booming, and even more is Asheville (Biltmore Estates is not for sale) to the west. And let’s not forget Lake Norman.  If you can score a business anywhere in Mecklenburg County, (Note Mecklenburg is at the center of the metro area), that is a Home Run. For industry, for your future in manufacturing and distribution, the wider Charlotte market serves Via I-85 and I-40 nearby cities in the aptly named Triad of Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and High Point, North Carolina.  Easy driving to Raleigh, North Carolina where our office is located.

How to Find, How to Buy

The first step is a search. The Internet is your best friend. And the Charlotte market abounds with commissioned Business Brokers. This can be a good or a very limiting thing. The question can depend on your experience and your approach.  If you are seen as a tire-kicker, even if you are quite sincere, you will be very frustrated. The biggest Business Brokerage Franchises, like Sunbelt and Transworld and others get inundated with clicks and emails. They get pretty darned jaded as a result and in this Manufacturing and Distribution space, they can often be impatient and even blow you off before they even hear your initial questions or your personal story.    


The solution is Pro Biz Consulting and Pro Biz M&A Advisers, LLC.  They take my call.   Also, we do take the time to hear your personal story so we can present you well. We only want Win-Win deals.


How Does That Work?

Simple.  You are invited to engage Pro Biz to be your Professional Business Consultant. We call it being a “Buyer’s Rep.”  To be your Buyer’s Representative. This is done by a simple Retainer Agreement.  

Sounds Expensive

To the contrary. The Selling Broker, who represents the Owner, works on a sweet-heart succe$$ commission. In smaller deals that might be Ten Percent. On a medium or larger sale, it might be on a Lehman or Double Lehman declining scale.  Suffice it to say, this is a huge commission and the Pros are Pros for a good reason. They earn it. I mean no disrespect to the Seller side.  I was a Top Seller Broker, back in the day.  It’s hard work. The best Brokers are true Pros! 

On the other hand, The Buyer-side, the Buyer’s Rep or Consultant works on a low, fixed flat rate. It’s just based on our flat hourly rate and tracked per day, week, month and only billed for as long as you needed the help, and only for those specific tasks and services you want or need.  It comes to a very tiny fraction of the Seller’s Agent’s Big Pay check. But wait, it gets better for you -why? Because we almost always save you not only a 100% of our Retainer, but then add several times that fee, in price and term discounts and “add backs” – all in your favor.

Key Services

Maybe you spotted it. Maybe we did and made the intro. Let’s assume you have the target now and the Seller and his/her Broker is on board. Congratulations! This is no small accomplishment. But now you are in the Driver’s seat. Now we ask to be “hosted” by the Owner.  We want to be given the Grand Tour. See behind the curtain. Walk through. See the operation and watch the employees at work.  Meet the key managers and Executives. We come along with you and help conduct the Interviews, keep the greedy, I mean, the highly motivated Seller’s Broker, stay in check so he/she doesn’t get too excited and blow the deal. We keep it professional. High Level. This will play out in huge gains in respect and price and term negotiation later, I promise!

Then comes the Offer, due diligence, and other negotiations. We stay on as your “Team”.  For as much time, any our hours, or as little you, and you alone feel actually help you bring the deal to closure.

What About CPAs and Lawyers?

Yes, essential. We are not attorneys and don’t practice law. We are not CPAs, although we probably crunch the numbers in more ways than they would ever want to take the time to do.

But we do bring something with an impressive title to your Team.  And it will save you, sometimes tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on the ultimate deal. This assumes deal size and that all the best parts fall together and doesn’t fly apart in due diligence. That disclaimer aside, you must have all the boxes checked, and the Attorney and CPA are indispensable.

Back to Charlotte.  Are There That Many Opportunities?

Yes and No. This market, Charlotte on Interstate-77, and the Triad of Winston-Salem, High Point and Greensboro, North Carolina present possibly the best opportunities, conceivably in ALL of the USA. But a word of caution, if it were that easy, anyone could or would do it. Frankly, it’s a massive undertaking. It takes real work, and your best fortuitous outcome is highly dependent on “going the distance”, “staying the course” and “persevering” to the final ink dries on the final signature on the final closing document and the Manufacturing Company is yours.

If you want to make it to the finish line, don’t try to slug it out alone, without a Business Consultant like Pro Biz in your corner.

Please take a few minutes and peruse some of the other articles I have published her. Then email, text or call. You will get a prompt reply. You won’t be robo’d.

Unless it says, “Possible Scam” on my iPhone, I don’t screen calls. I’m approachable and even more, I truly enjoy helping Buyers succeed!

The ProBiz Consultative Approach

ProBiz Consulting is Pro Business and takes the “Consultive Approach.”

Whether you are a business owner or are wanting to become a business owner, it is a matter of time before you become overwhelmed and need guidance and support. Much like a minefield, the process of buying a business is full of uncertainty and a misstep can blow up even the best deal. It is a wiser option to seek advice from someone who has successfully navigated the process hundreds of times before.

That being said, Business Brokers seem to be lurking around every corner. Their earnings are based on commission, so they benefit when the sale price is maximized regardless of whether it is a fair deal for the buyer. It is essential to have a buyer’s advocate when buying a business who will diligently work to protect your interests.

Pro Biz always takes the “Consultive Approach.” And we will for you!