YOUR Business Acquisition Consulting for buying a UPS Packing and Shipping Store

Thank you for your interest. As a Business Consultant, I help buyers with the business purchasing process in Norfolk, VA.  Or in Chesapeake, and Portsmouth.  Owning a UPS store in anywhere to the south of the waterway is a terrific and profitable small business. Over the last decade, Virginia Beach has benefited for Norfolk large and reach for mailing and shipping packages and. Hampton, Atlantic Shore and Newport News to the north all have or need UPS locations. IF you are like me and you enjoy he across a long bridge-tunnel connection to the Eastern Shore, you will find many prime locations ripe for the picking. So if you are looking to buying a shipping business in Norfolk, VA then having a business acquisition consultant is a smart idea. By you!

But UPS is more than just shipping. It is a rapidly growing epicenter for dozens of ancillary service with the store, including the highly profitable Mailboxes and having ones mail sent to the UPS Address location.

Oh, and by the way, the Pro Biz we always use a simple – just a low flat fee. We want to be reasonable to help UPS buyers.

How to Buy a UPS Store in Norfolk, Virginia

YOUR Business Acquisition Consulting for United Parcel Services in Norfolk, VA acquisition is Pro Biz and, of course, myself.  I will work with you personally, or by Zoom or phone.

Thank you for clicking here. As a Business Consultant, I help buyers with the business purchasing process in Wilmington North Carolina.  Shipping, Commercial Fishing and distribution, anything maritime or even a Gym and Fitness Center, Wilmington offers them and many more.

The best way to buy a UPS Store or other Independent Packaging or shipping retail or commercial outlet is by using a Buyer’s Representative. When you go through the UPS Corporate Office, and you must, you are dealing with their Selling Broker directly, they are totally in charge and they do not work for you.

In the area around Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Hampton and the Eastern Shore in general, there are many UPS stores and some will come up for sale from time to time.

United Parcel Service, to use their full name, bought out Mailboxes, Etc and franchised very smartly several years in the past.  The year 2020 became a boom for UPS due to the covid-19 pandemic crisis and the is resulting stay at home or shelter in lace and lockdowns.

If you had one of these stores last year, you likely had your best year ever!

Why Would Anyone Sell Now?

Because an Owner would want to sell at the Top, of course.  He may have been thinking about it for a long time, and now is ideal. That means you have two very important considerations. (1) Am I over paying for a one time pop? Sort of a Tulip Mania effect? (2) Or is this a new baseline?

Will more and more people be shopping at home and returning packages to stores, as just one example?

How Can You Save Me Money?

It’s all about “Gamesmanship”. UPS has their own in-house brokers.  They also have their own agenda.  This is two against one and you need to even the odds. They will produce in-house reports for you once they accept your NDA and think you are “qualified”.  You want to present well and that is a bit esoteric, but when you come with a Consultant? Well, they know you are being helped professionally and they grant you respect.  Having a third party to see the UPS data sheets will be immensely valuable.  They may not look like your every day QuickBooks Reports. 

In Norfolk, there are also opportunities to open a new store.  The franchise packages will be presented to you as an iron-clad deal.

Not Iron Clad?

However, the devil is in the details and you may be amazed and delighted in how much we can save you on the iron-clad, no- changes allowed, take or leave it, our way or the highway straight face you are otherwise staring at. Our Retainer will likely cost you nothing, in that you will recoup as much on the pricing and maybe, well, maybe Five or Ten times in excess.

One last item.  

This is of paramount importance.  Get an Independent, unbiased third party Business Appraisal before you sign a contract.  This is one of our professional services.

You will score higher with the SBA and the bank, too.  Most of all, you’ll know you were not just swayed emotionally or pushed like by a New Car Sales Pro.  You will know a third party with skill, experience and expertise – one who works for you, has fairly and accurately evaluated the price, terms and value you are paying for. We provide Certified Business Appraisals. 

Business Owners are also frequent customers for a Certified Business Appraisal.

The ProBiz Consultative Approach

Last point, and it may be the point, our name says it all.  Note the three underlined words. : My Firm ProBiz Consulting, Appraisal and M&A Advisers, INC. we are One Hundred and Fifty Percent (105%) for you and we are  Pro Business.

Pro Biz always takes the “Consultive Approach.”

Now, let me address the existing Owner of a UPS Store.  I do not list businesses for sale, as above, I help buyers. What I can do for you is to help you with improving your prior and preparing for late sale, such as a year into the future, or your retirement/

The #1 Rated Tool? It is Pro Biz Certified Business Appraisal, or Business Eval.

This is a flat fee a service I provide and hopefully more than t pay for itself in less worry and more reality of “what’s it worth”? And, “how long will it take”.

It can be essential to have a Buyer’s Agent, it will likely save you 10-20% or more. Let Pro Biz be you Advocate when buying a business. We are committed to diligently work to protect your interests.