Buy or Sell. Business Acquisition in Raleigh, North Carolina, Yes!

But What Is Going On in the NC Economy? Is It a Good Time to Buy a Future Related Business? Now may be the time for a business acquisition in Raleigh.

What is a ‘future’ related Business?  Basically, you are betting on the future, in particular, the Economy.  

Some businesses will die or decline, some will survive, some will prosper, a few may prosper a lot!

Two Questions stand out:

(1)   Is this a good time or a bad time to Buy a Small or Large Business? To make a Business Acquisition?

(2)   If yes, what types have the better future outlook for success?

First, the Economy. We are ‘around the curve’ regarding the pandemic, shutdowns and quarantines, I think most readers would agree. That is a huge PLUS!   But the Fed’s 24/7 Money Printing Press and, therefore Inflation, is of considerable and valid new concern.  If we will only have low Inflation, then the post 2008, or  2016 Rules of buying a small business to replace your “day job’, for instance are fine and our Pro Biz Guide to Buying a Business as good as ever.

Many Buyers and Sellers, however, myself included, see Inflation as a major and a serious threat. If Inflation comes roaring back like a lion, for instance, and we find the USA  perhaps closer to 1989’s Argentina, you could lose everything, or you could come out a genius, depending on your source(s) of income. 

Employment will be hugely affected. Disposable Income for Retail Businesses could crash. 

On the other hand, if you are self-employed, as a business owner, you are the one to chart your future.

If you choose wisely, you manage wisely, and have a business that benefits from Inflation, that would be hitting a Home Run~

In the next article we will look at Inflation.

Then we can address your Two Questions above.

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