Need business financing? Yes, Who Doesn’t!

Finding Funding is Challenging, But Not Impossible for Pro Biz!

If you believe all the Internet ads, there are over One Million places or persons who will fund or lend you money.  “Yeah, right, tell me another fairy tale, Grandma!”  If your response is similar, perhaps you want to consider Pro Biz Consulting’s Consultative Approach.

What is the Consultative Approach with regard to obtaining financing?  It is simply promising to listen to you and try to discern the 5 “W”s, versus promising you you’ll actually get financed. What you really need is a Consultant who knows the right questions to ask and who has excellent connections with Lenders who actually lend, given a near perfect “match”.  If there is a “trick”, it’s in knowing what the Lender thinks is a “perfect match” and then helping you either qualify or not apply where you have no chance of success.

What does it take to “win” the Lottery with the SBA?  To be one of the few and select who actually gets an SBA loan?  You probably won’t be a lucky ticket holder just by using the information from their website.  The Consultative Approach is needed to bridge the information and application gap.

Pro Biz Five W’s”  Who, What, Where, When and How,  (the last one ends in W, so that counts.)

ANGELS, BANKERS, the SBA and other Dead Ends!

This may come as a shocker, but a dead end is a Dead End.  Why then do so many people waste their and your time?  The truth is it’s a lot like the game of finding the pea under the cup.   You know what I mean, a guy takes three cups, puts a pea under one and then rapidly shuffles them until your staring eyes are tricked.  You can never get the right cup that has the pea under it.

Everyone thinks they can spot the pea, get the loan that is.  In reality it was probably not under any of the cups.  Those who promise funding, regardless of category, rarely deliver.


So why try?  Because some people are getting financing, just not you!  The difference is sometimes obvious, sometimes so subtle you can’t believe you were turned down.  The only way to improve your odds of winning is to get someone on your side who knows the score.

For example, suppose you had someone secretly videoing  the pea under the cup and you could review it in slow motion and then pick the correct cup?   Or catch him palming it.  Wouldn’t that improve your chances of winning that game?     That is what the Pro Biz Consultive Approach is to Financing. To getting your project, your DREAM funded.

Take Angels for instance.  Not the kind who sit on clouds and play harps.  The kind that have lots of money and love to bless struggling inventors and entrepreneurs and so forth.  Let’s get real.  The chances of you even getting your deal in front of a genuine Sam Walton type are less that the MegaLotto.  People who tell you different are all over the Internet.  But you know better.

More close to home are bankers. These come in all shapes and sizes, but at the end of the day, they have to do what their handlers tell them to do, even if they are your neighbor or High School best friend.  But!!  They actually do have money and are lending it, so if it’s not your warm relationship, what is it that gets you past Phase One and Two and in front of the Loan Committee for final approval?  Well, I’ll revel a secret right here and now.  A secret that less than 5% of all loan applicants take the time and effort to research and actually apply, although it is well known.  This is not the only key to loan approval, but it puts you into the top 5% immediately, and that should get your attention. Are you ready?

Two items, actually.  In your loan documents presentation package for that Bank Loan Committee, make sure it includes a very professional-looking business plan and a certified machinery&equipment appraisal and/or certified business appraisal.    Ditto for SBA.  Yes, Top 5%, all other things being equal.

Now, did your best friend ever tell you that?   Probably not.  But Pro Biz Consulting is unique.  We take that Consulting Approach I have mentioned several times before.  And yes, we help with those two items, of course.  That’s why we became certified to do them.  It’s good business, we get paid a fee for doing them.  And, we know you need them and no one is telling you or helping you get them and integrating them into a total Loan Application Package.

The Words you want to hear:  YOUR FINANCING APPROVED !

Yes, that is what you can and should expect to hear if your deal is worthy of funding and financing. And, why not? If it is really good!  The sad fact is that a majority of deals, I mean more than 75%, should not have been turned down for financing.  May I get personal for a moment?  I don’t know you and you don’t know me.  But I must tell it breaks my heart to see dreams dashed to the ground by heartless bankers, myopic SBA wonks and lame-brain brokers.  I hope that wasn’t too blunt, but there it is.  If you call me I’ll take the call and listen to your pitch.  If you email me I will respond and read your proposal.  If it makes sense, I’ll tell you and we can discuss going forward.  If it doesn’t make sense, I’ll be kind enough to tell you so.  Remember, I am in business as a Consultant and I’d like to get paid for my time and what I have to offer.  But the meter is not running until I have AFTER I have talked with you and you decide to engage my help getting financed.

We are nationwide, serving all 50 states. If there is an airport within 200 miles and a rent-a-car agency, YES! We go there!