Business Financing for new Business Ideas

Getting funding for a new project or business idea is often difficult for entrepreneurs as they may be turned down by banks and financial organizations. This is particularly true for brand-new entrepreneurs who may be looking for business financing in … Continued

Basic Steps to Selling a Business

Any business owner planning to sell their business will have to go through these 4 steps which are typical in a business sale: Decide If You Are Ready To Sell Your Business Determine The Value Of Your Business Find A … Continued

Equipment Rental Business Appraisal and Valuation

If you are looking to have an appraisal or valuation done on an equipment rental business contact us today for full details. We have extensive experience appraising machinery and equipment and also rental businesses. We have worked with, sold, appraised, … Continued


In Business valuation Buyers in particular talk about multiples of revenue. But it’s much more than that.   Of course, one can take any price and simply divide it by the annual revenue of that business and thus obtain a … Continued