Louis R SauerPro Biz Business Consulting is Pro Business and takes the “Consultative Approach”. We have over 20 years of experience and have sold hundreds of businesses and would be happy to be your business consultant.

Here on this web site you will find information you can really use.   There are two things someone thinking about buying and becoming a Business Owner and a Business Owner have in common.  They both need guidance – the process is uncertain, full of unknowns and can be like navigating through a minefield.  They soon realize that “going it alone” is frustrating and there seems to be “a bogeyman behind every tree”.  I often hear the comment, “It’s a Jungle out there!”  The second thing you will find, if this describes you, that you will have in common, whether Buyer or Seller, is that it seems the only person you can get relevant information from is a Business Broker.  Seeking advice, such as from your CPA or Attorney or Real Estate Agent and, of course, the Internet, it soon seems like all roads lead will direct you to a business brokerage firm, website or individual business broker.  If you haven’t had this experience, you probably will if you are serious about purchasing an established business, or you if you already own a business and want to retire, liquidate or revamp. But what you really need is unbiased Information and guidance though the minefield!  Pro Biz Consulting offers you a Consultative Alternative to the commissioned business broker.

Maybe what you need, at this time, is not a Broker, maybe it is a Consultant.  If you are considering selling your business, now or in the future, please use this resource to assist you in making that decision. If you are logging on because you are interested in buying a business, you will also find here presented helpful information about “the process”.

The reason we are called Pro Biz Consulting and not Pro Biz Business Brokers is because for nearly 20 years I have been doing more than just selling businesses. As a business consultant I am sometimes called on to do a business valuation, create a business plan, find financing, consult on a turnaround or give consul on “profit improvement”, or create a sane and profitable “exit plan”. Now, as a retired broker and past member of the IBBA, the CVBBA, the M&A Source, the NEBB Institute and other professional organizations, I pledged to give the best and fairest service while maintaining the highest standards of business practice as I acted in the role of broker myself.  I hope to use that past brokerage experience and success to be the Advisor, the Information Resource, the Guide, THE Consultant, you, Dear Reader, want and need going forward.  Please contact me, Lou Sauer, by phone or email to take the next step.

Again welcome to Pro Biz Consulting, “Where Buyers and Sellers Are Confidentially Represented” Please select the appropriate link on the menu so that we can help you in a more fulfilling way. Thank you reading to the end of this Opening Introduction.

Business consulting “for those who would you rather pay “as you go” and take a pass on a larger contingency fee. “

We are nationwide, serving all 50 states. If there is an airport within 200 miles and a rent-a-car agency, YES! We go there!


ProBiz is now offering the Free Sellability Score.

What Every Business Owner Needs to Know: “Just How Sellable Is My Business?
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